Week 18: HUGE GAME! Fil wins the week! Quad Kings for Dugg!

Fil with his lucky mustache won week 18 and leapfrogged 10 spots to 6th Place for the season with his win.  Steve remains untouched in first place for the season.  For now.  The top five remain unchanged but the order has changed and Rob has now moved up from 5th place to 3rd with his final table finish this week.  Don Anderson won a hand this week and stayed in 11th place. It was determined that he needed more cowbell.  img_4976Sherry and Allen Wiseman are tied in 12th place with 70 points each after Allen’s second place this week.  Sherry had a rough knockout by Dugg this week  after he rivered a flush with his suited 9 4.  Sherry expressed her dismay that he would play such a hand.  He did indicate that they were suited (and he was possibly big blind).

Dugg had the hand of the week when Mike shoved AQ into Dugg’s AK.  The KKK flop gave Dugg quads for a big win.  img_4942

Steve was getting some great hands early but ran into Andra in a big hand when she flopped top pair and made a pretty strong bet.  Carmine folded a nut flush draw and Steve called but his hand didn’t hold up and he was knocked out.  Carmine, who generally limits his poker advice,  questioned Andra’s decision to play the hand the way she did and it was determined that she just doesn’t know what she’s doing.

Dugg’s luck ran out when he ran his TT into Fil’s AA on a QQ99 board.  Dugg shoved on the river and Fil tanked for quite awhile before making the call.  The table watched (some closer than others) a fight across the poker room in the cash section to pass the time.  Don A unfortunately forgot his business cards.

Once the players were narrowed down to the final table many were very disappointed to find Don Anderson there instead of Don Dean. img_4951 Chrissy, the league’s Den Mother, was out  10th losing the hand to Mike “Gascard” Collins.  He did say he was sorry.  Carmine was next in 9th when Fil’s trip 3s beat his QT two pair.  Tonia followed in 8th when Rob caught a flush to beat her trip Tens.  Don Anderson finally made a move but came in 7th after Allen got the knockout.  Gascard’s final table run came to an end in 6th when Fil’s 88 evolved into a Full House.  Andra knocked Rob out 5th when her AK held up against his 88s which, unlike Fil’s, did not evolve into anything else.  SuperDave K. was knocked out 4th by Allen which then left the remaining three who cashed.


Fil’s 8 beat Andra’s 66 giving her the third place finish and after a short heads up match Fil took first, Allen Second.

The shorter version of the final table:

  1. Fil
  2. Allen
  3. Andra
  4. SuperDave K.
  5. Rob
  6. Gascard
  7. Don A
  8. Tonia
  9. Carmine
  10. Chrissy

Remember to let Chrissy know ASAP if you’ll be attending the League dinner on Wednesday, December 6th at Ruth Chris in Downtown St. Pete.  It will be a great time and wine should be flowing.