Week 8: Ladies 2 out of top 3 for the Week and Season!


Despite the Hurricane bearing down on Florida, we had a great turnout last night.  30 people played in the league this Thursday evening.  Nothing better to take your mind of of things than a great poker game!  Sherry and Tonia made top three with the first two places being chopped by Sherry Wiseman and Bob Rosetta and Tonia taking over the season lead!  Andra left very early complaining of bad beats and Chrissy declared up front, as she was joining the last longer, that she was pretty sure she’d be out early.

Top 10 for this week:

  1. Bob Rosetta and Sherry Wiseman chopped for 15 points each
  2. see above
  3. Tonia Williams
  4. Robert Scholz
  5. Steve Trizis
  6. Marvin “all in” Karlins
  7. Art Mackwell
  8. Michael “b—h—” Beatty
  9. Derk Csanadi
  10. Barry Jacobs



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