Week 7: Ladies representing at the final table but couldn’t pull off the win…

We had 3 out of our 4 female players this week make the final table and currently 3 are in the top 10 of our standings for the 7 weeks.  The big winner this week was Rob Benford who, after our fourth place finisher Barry was knocked out, took only two more hands to eliminate Dave K and Ken to take the win.  There is still plenty of time to get some points and get up in the standings as the new structure rewards not only cashing, but also making the final table and attendance.  Don’t give up if you are still lower in the standings, plenty of time to get up there.

Our final table in order of finish this week was:

  1. Rob B
  2. Ken
  3. Dave K
  4. Barry
  5. Andra
  6. Don A (aka Donna)
  7. Tonia (aka Toni)
  8. Darryl
  9. Art
  10. Chrissy