Week 9: Hurricane Steve takes the Overall Lead!

Steve Trizis has moved up to first place though he’s had no finishes higher than third this season.  Steve has made the final table 6 out of the 8 weeks that he has played so those final table appearances really make a difference this season.  He may be offering coaching at the Country Skillet over breakfast for those interested.

Allen and Barry chopped first place points this week.  Allen was getting a bit tired of Sherry getting all of the glory it seems, or  more likely, he is just finally getting some decent cards since he’s one we would expect to see pretty high on the leaderboard.   Barry has been consistently making final tables with 5 final tables out of the 8 weeks that he’s played.

Below is the week nine final table finish:

  1. Allen Wiseman and Barry Jacobs
  2. see above
  3. Derek Csanadi
  4. Steve Trizis
  5. Reno
  6. Dave Bennett
  7. Robert Rosetta
  8. Carmine
  9. Dave Kaucher
  10. Don Dean


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