Week 20!!!! Austin Fowler is our Grand Champion! Five ETBPL Members playing the WSOP Main Event!

Austin Fowler

We finally arrived at week 20 of the Elite Tampa Bay Poker league with 10 people still in the mix to try and pull into one of the top five spots to win a WSOP Main Event seat! The players were pretty much battling it out for the 4th and 5th seat as Austin Fowler, Dave Bennett, and Jacob Naumann had pretty much locked up three of the seats and Victor Iemolo was in pretty good shape. In the end Jim Brinkley was the wild card who, after missing the first few weeks of the season, managed to power up the leaderboard and get that last coveted Main Event seat by 1 point beating out newcomer Ryan Marin. Ryan, Jim “JDawg” Collins, and Marv “The Duckman” Karlins finished out the 8 prizewinners winning $1500 seats.

Week 21 is the “Freeroll that’s Not Free Losers Lounge” where the remaining qualified players will duke it out for up to two more $1500 seats.

The qualified league members will share 10% of any of the winnings from these WSOP entries. The quality play this season assures us that at least someone will win $1Million and possible $8Million. We’re saying there’s a chance….

Following is the rundown of what happened during the week 20 game.

At 100/200 Mark Winchell bet 5K on a K high flop and Jim Brinkley looked uncomfortable (maybe the horseshoe) but called. in the end Mark won a nice pot & Jim had to double check his horseshoe to see if it was turned on.

After losing a big hand when Doc Brown hit a full house on the river over Marv’s flush on the turn, Marv was ready to forfeit and rebuy. With about 6k behind he was convinced to try to spin it up.

He said he’s just shove every hand but didn’t until he hit a higher straight than John Gordon & got his double.

Darryl’s K was good for a pair and Joe was out!

John I AA>AK Austin

Austin doubles through Ryan. Set over 2pair

After being down to 1/4 stack Andra was pondering a rebuy. Instead she tripled up when she turned a flush AKdd>Tina’s AQo> Marv’s AKo

Doc Brown got the knockout when he hit a straight sending The Duckman home despite his pocket Kings.

Jacob won a huge hand!

Tina was out & more chips for Doc Brown

Andra was out when her flush gave Doc Brown a full house.

A double for John Gordon through Darryl

And John was out.

Austin AA> Jacob QQ

John Iemolo, short, hit his straight on the river cracking Darryl’s AA

Mark was all in short with QJ and Jason called with JK. Mark hit his Q.

Jim Brinkley busted Jacob Naumann in 9th who had already locked up him Msin Event seat.

Huge triple up for Jason with QQ on a AJAJ board! Darryl was out 8th

A full double for Mark Winchell over Victor’s KK

And Jason was out 7th. Another Horseshoe victim.

Quads for John Iemolo vs Jim Brinkley

Doc Brown was out 4th vs Victor who flopped a flush. With 4 out the 5 Main Event seats were locked up! Jim Brinkley made the cut!

Two doubles for John Iemolo!

A double for Mark K7>A8

Jim Brinkley was out 5th-just enough to win a Main Event seat despite missing the start o

Victor K5< Austin KK. Victor out 4th

Austin A5>Mark 55
Mark out 3rd
Austin Fowler and John Iemolo chopped first for the week and Austin solidified his FIRST PLACE FINISH IN THE ETBPL!!!

The final table in order of finish was:

1. John Iemolo/Austin Fowler chop


3. Mark Winchell

4. Victor Iemolo

5. Jim Brinkley

6. Doc Brown

7. Jason Barnett

8. Darryl Woodruff

9. Jacob Naumann