Spring League Week 20: Steve does it! He leapfrogs over Jason and takes 1st place in the league this season! Marie Harrell’s son, the “Fedor of TBEPL”, wins a Main seat with a win this week!

Like Mother like son, Trey Harrell brought his awesome poker skills to the table for week 20 – the final week of the season – and won for the second time this season.  The win was enough to move him up from 6th place last week with a minor package prize to 4th place and a WSOP MAIN EVENT SEAT! What a proud moment for poker playing (and winning) Mom, Marie Harrell. The league looks forward to sharing 10% of Trey when he (hopefully) plays like his brother from another mother, look alike Fedor Holz.

The bigger story this week is Steve Trizis.  After being just behind Jason all season Steve was able to score enough points to move ahead of Jason with his final table finish this week (8th) and become GRAND CHAMPION of the Tampa Bay Elite Poker League this season!!! img_7347 Steve final tabled 11 of 19 weeks. We definitely don’t mind owning 10% of Steve in the Main – Steve is known as one of the best players in the Tampa Bay Area (except when he sucks out)!


Tampa bay area players are definitely better than many players from around the country as this area is a hotbed of great players!

Cyndi played her “A game” all season and this week was not the exception.  Cyndi finished second this week and made 12 final tables out of the 19 weeks she played.  There is definitely potential to have the first WSOP female winner with Cyndimg_7356i representing the league in Vegas this year.

This week was definitely a battle as many players were on the edge of moving up from a minor package to a Main and from no package to a minor package.  Players who did not win any packages through week 20, if qualified, will be playing a freeroll for another minor package tomorrow – Thursday May 31.  Mark Winchell says he’s taking it down but he definitely will have a battle with Sherry  & Allen Wiseman, SuperDave, Clive, Gascard, Will, Tom, Kenny, Muscles, Dugg, the good Derek, and Darryl (who along with Dugg won the Fall Freeroll).

Some early hands included Allen Vs Jason – Allen had Quads.  Allen’s luck quickly turned around, however, when he lost most of his chips to Ken when AA>AK.

Steve had A-10 vs David’s A-Q on a A-T-Q-4-7 board.  Then he was button to Derek and Cindy’s blinds.  They were fighting it out with Trey for Main Event seats so they were all playing pretty nitty this week so Steve shoved with Q-9, and Derek C woke up with Q-Q.

In the end the FINAL final table of the Spring Season (excluding freeroll) was, in order of finish:

  1.  Trey “Fedor” Harrell
  2. Cyndi “First Female WSOP Winner” Nguyen
  3. Dave “7th place” Bennett
  4. Rob “The Professor, not Marianne” Benford
  5. Ken “Mr. Consistent” Brown (He was top 10 for almost the whole season)
  6. Derek “Now he can afford sleeves” Csanadi
  7. Clive “Wanker” Gavin
  8. Steve “World Champion” Trizis
  9. SuperDave Kaucher
  10. Jason “2nd is the new 1st” Barnett

Congratulations to the package winners this Spring Season!  The Season long top 10 were:

  1.  Steve Trizis
  2. Jason Barnett
  3. Cyndi Nguyen
  4. Trey Harrell
  5. Derek Csanadi
  6. Don Dean
  7. Dave Bennett
  8. Ken Brown
  9. Rob Benford
  10. Chris Hyden

All of the league members who qualify for the 10% share of the winners are GOING TO BE RICH!!!! How could we not win with such awesome players!!!!

PS Did you order Marv “Duckman” Karlin’s book yet???

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