Week Number 2 Finds New Faces

So 2 weeks down of the 20 week season and the revamped league is seeing new faces in control. Jumping into the pole position is Ray Kambach. Taking 4th last week, the 12 pts this week for winning gives him 18 total and the quick lead. Darryl Woodruff is currently second overall with 12 pts and a tie for third with 10 pts overall between Gascard Mike and Jacqueline Blankenship. Full spreadsheet details coming soon, and top 5 update in the standings page. 

An interesting aside. 2 weeks in and original league members like Mike Beattie, Steve Trizis, Don Anderson, etc… have been shut out. Is the new crew just thay much better? We shall see if the trend continues… an interesting story to watch this season. 

For this week here are your top 6 (point winners)

1.Ray Kalmbach – 12 pts (18 overall)

2.Jacqueline  Blankenship – 10 pts (10 overall)

3.tonya Williams – 8 pts (8 overall)

4. Will Thorn – 6 pts (6 overall)

5.Bill Mckown – 4 pts (4 overall)

6.Mark Winchell -2 pts (2 overall)

See you next week!