Night 1 In the Books!

The First Night of the First Half Season of the Tampa Bay Elite Poker League is in the bag! First for everyone. 35 of 42 registered members showed up and as you can see by the pictures, it was definitely a happy crowd

Never missing a chance to smile is fan favorite Chrissy 😄😉😊

And the results are in 

1. Darryl Woodruff 

2. Gascard (who just chopped the Accumulator for almost 20k–HOT STREAK!)

3.Derek Worley

4.Ray Kambach

5. Andrew Personette

6. Rob Gill

1st Bubble Mike Beattie

2nd Bubble Steve Trizis

Steve and Mike, vets of the league, decided let’s be hospitable and go out on bubbles. 

The site is being updated, a Facebook and Twitter feeds are coming. Look for news and results and maybe even special events coming soon!

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