Message from Steve…

If my figures are correct, and not official til Ray posts it, but it looks like this going into the last week. (they are)

1. Darryl 58
1. Derek 58
3. Tonia 52
3. Carmine 52
5. Gene 46
6. Ray 42
7. Gascard 40
8. Archie 36
8. Mark 36
10. Fil 34

I hope everyone shows up for the last week. Remember you need 15 weeks, and 3 of the last 5 to qualify for the freeroll. But it’s most important to show up so it’s fair to the guys on the cusp. Plus Chrissy is bringing cupcakes!! And I’ll be returning deposits to everyone.

We’re going with the 25 player, 5 packages.
1 -$12K main package
2- $7K packages
2- $5K packages
As many $2500 as money allows in the freeroll.

The freeroll tournament is going to be held on January 5th, and the new league will start the following week on January 12th. Let me know right away if it’s a problem, if too many players can’t do it, I’ll look to reschedule it, but as of now that’s the date.

Please respond to this text, and let me know whether or not you’re playing league next week. It’s been great playing with everyone, and I couldn’t think of a better group of folks to be associated with, each year this league gets better and better.

– Steve