Fall League Week 14: With 7 weeks to go Peter K solidifies his lead!

Mo was out early when he shoved post flop with A9o into Gascards set of sevens.  When will people learn?

Duckman flipped one card prematurely – a J on a jack high board not knowing Brian was still in.  Because this is the league we spared the Duckman a boot from the tournament and Brian bet & Doc raised. With Aces on the turn & river The Duckman continued to bet aggressively and Brian gave up on the river. Marv showed a Q to make Brian sad.

At the outer table Kenny had 10-3dd and Reno’s 2-5xx.  When a 5d came on the river Reno caught two pair but Kenny the flush.

img_9887Sherry got the Duck call when she won a nice chip pile from Brian with  2s full of Queensimg_9610(she had 22).  Brian was chipping up quite a bit early and Sherry had  been “discussing” with him some of the calls he had made against her with some good rivers in prior weeks.

Coming off of his amazing run in the WPT Best Bet Bounty Scramble in Jacksonville earlier this week, Fil returned to play the league Thursday.   This time Fil’s AA held up against the AQo of Marv all in pre-flop knocking the Duckman out before the final table.

Down to two tables, at the outer table Steve Trizis’ KK was up against Gascard’s AQ. Steve’s hand was good.

A HUGE hand at the feature table ensued wiping out three of the players.

At 400/800 Andra shoved about 6K with AQ0, SuperDave shoved AK0 with 12K, Pete D img_9899shoved his shorter stack – about 3500 with 9T,  Brian called with QTss for about 1/2 of his stack and Dugg couldn’t help img_9896but jump into the fray with AJo.  Brian and Dugg both had decent stacks where the other three were playing for their tournament lives.

Brian rivered a flush for the whole thing- 3 knockouts

img_9908img_9907Sherry lamented that she folded 33, she would have had a full house.   I bet Brian would have played the 33…..

Down to 13/27 players and Chrissy was still in – but she hadn’t played a hand



img_9916From our roving reporter “Bill Mckown vs Jason. Bill shoved, and Jason called. Not sure why.” – Steve Trizis

6 handed at his table, Steve T limped (1K) with QQ.  With 4 callers the flop was K-Q-3ccx. Steve checked, Brian bet 4K and Dugg called. Steve shoved 9200 total. Both called. Steve’s hand is good for a nice chip up.

Chrissy arrived late and had 5200 chips waiting for her after being blinded off since the first break. This late reg show up at 10bb strategy has been working well for Chrissy with a deep run using the same method recently. She had a double up from Brian with Ace high, then the very next hand shoved with 6-6. Vs Brian’s Q-7. There was a Queen on the flop, but 6 on the river for a set. This brought Chrissy’s stack to over 20K.

The final table was set including Steve Trizis hoping to get back to his prior seasons’ domination.

The first hand at the final table was Steve T doubling up Sherry. His 7-7 < Her K-Q.

Two hands later. Steve T Vs Brian and Steve was out 10th after Brian , oddly,  rivered a flush.

In the end Peter K’s arrive later and win the tournament method held up and he chopped first with Derek W.

The final table in order of finish was:

  1.  Peter K and Derek W Chop
  2. See above…
  3.  Fil Khavin
  4. Steve Z
  5. Chrissy “Better late than never” Holubeck
  6. Kenny O’Donnell
  7. Sherry Wiseman
  8. Rob Benford
  9. Brian DeCosmo
  10. Steve Trizis


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