Spring Losers Lounge freeroll that’s not Free…

SuperDave’s QQ was no good vs Alex’s flush & he was out first.

Tina raised 100/200 to 1700. We had forgotten how difficult it is to play against Tina. Jeff Gordon shoved and Tina called. Jeff’s AA>Tina’s AK for the knockout. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

Doc Brown stayed alive when his 33 >Clive Gavin’s AT.

John Gordon was out after a night of no face cards, pairs or anything really.

Chrissy doubled through Alex Brown with AA

Clive doubled through Doc Brown

Jason doubled through Jeff Gordon.

Clive was the next out when Andra’s A9>A6 on the flop.

Jason doubled through Andra 9T>KQ

Chop Andrea, Andra, Alex, Dave & Doc Brown all received $1340 toward $1500 seats. The qualified Spring league members will shRe 10% of any of the chosen $1500 tournament winnings!